All of our instructors are very skilled in their fields and have accomplishments not only in the classroom but also in tournaments. 


D’Jay Kelly

Sensei D’Jay is a Black Belt “Shodan” in Kodokan Judo and the Chief Instructor of the BEDROC Kids and Teens Judo Programs. D’Jay has over 11 years of Judo experience, and is USJA Coach Certified in Judo.


Jenn Samborski

Jenn is a Black Belt in Kodokan Judo and the Assistant Instructor of the BEDROC Kids and Teens Judo Programs. Jenn has a unique teaching style that stresses a classical Judo approach. With over 12 years of Judo experience, Jenn’s teaching focuses on the Traditions and Discipline of Judo.

Kitty Teresi

Kitty, a former United States Marine, began gaining her fitness experience in “The Corps”. Kitty has over twenty years of experience in Combat and Personal Sports Training, Sport Specific Conditioning, Fitness Management and Martial Arts. She is a Black Belt “Shodan” in Tae Kwon Do and also has experience in Isshinryu Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Kitty has worked with all age groups and skill levels to help them look and feel their best.